Memories from the distance


She Looked, she fucked, she shouted, she pouted.  Her sides shook as the trajectory of his essence fell into a perfect still figure.  She had given her all to everything that I am.  I am in shock, I am at a loss of how to react but with passion and lust I somehow know.  For years, I wanted this moment.  For years, this was all I wanted.  The room was a restless heat that drove sweat off my forehead like little beads of colleterial water.  As every millisecond goes by the heat increases as my pours relinquish all value of integrity.

I knew her from a far.  She enticed and intrigued me.  I fantasised for the longest time about what she would be like in bed.  She was a quiet seductive luring beautiful female who was the centre of my dreams for the last few years.  She smelt like a cool summer meadow and the scent made its way to every ember of my fibre.  I made the move after holding back for so long.  She had a boyfriend once but now was seductively single.  She give me the eye and the sexy fuck me smile.  It felt like a rebound but it was something I was not going to say no too.  I knew the risks, I knew the game but the temptation was too strong.

Forthright in her conviction I asked her out with a ten-tentative grin on my face.  I swallowed my pride and made my move.  To my enchanted surprise the answer came back a full-on resounding yes.  I got her number.  It felt like all my Christmases were coming at once.

From the date came the invite back to her bedroom.  I went along with her intrepid plan.  It was all I wanted.  I played it cool like it was the most natural thing in the world but on the inside I was a weak nervous wreck.  I harpoon my world as I blink to wake myself.  I find conviction in the fact that she has the most sensational body my eyes have ever come across.  Words cannot describe all before me.  In all my days, my cock has never felt as hard as it is in this incredible woman’s presence.

The sex is incredible beyond my wildest dreams.  I touch every inch of her perfectly aligned skin delicately glancing my paws over her being.  I lose myself in all her worth coming across as an emotional steam train.  In my head and in my dreams, I built it up to be more than I ever could have imagined.  The awful truth is that I was so fucking turned on that I blew too quick.  I couldn’t contain myself.  I got lost in the intensity of the stricken moment.  Straightaway I could see in her eyes that I had let her down.  I felt so embarrassed and humiliated.  I just wanted to be somewhere else.  Anywhere else on this planet.  I felt like such an intrepid loser of epic propositions.  She was all I ever wanted and more.  But I couldn’t give her emotional and sexual satisfaction.  The grief overwhelmed me and I went bright red knowing that this was one of my lowest moments.  I wanted to fall asleep.  I wanted to crawl into a whole and die.  She whispered nice things into my ear to appease me and make me feel better but in the moment, I couldn’t have felt worse.  I lay on the bed and somehow fell sleep.  When the lights had come too I awoke ashamed and embarrassed.  She was gone.  Did it really happen or had it all been a dream?.  The feeling in my stomach had been a strange one of being used then thrown out.  I was on my own in my room and I didn’t know how to feel.



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