Short Story 1

“Harder”, ” Harder”.”Faster, Faster””Ah Yes”. “Yes, Yes, Yes”.  Her face started to go red, she was covered in sweat and her breathing

was so heavy you could feel she was gasping for air.”Ahhhhhhhh” “Now its your turn” she exclaims. “So much for being in for the

long haul” I laughed.  “What!, Thats what you said”.  I feel now i have to finish rather than want to cause take it from

me I want to go all night!.  Whats the meaning of this you say!  Well let me tell you!


This was the moment I had an inspired idea!  I know what you are thinking, such a place to think such a thing right, am I

right?.  What must be going through your head you say!.  Well let me tell you my well versed reader!

Back to the idea it goes like this! PS This is not a dirty story believe it or not!  Yes thats right im taking to you!


It started last Thursday, I arrived late for work, the reason for this!, some wiseguy just had to ruin it for the rest of us

and drive into a lamppost.  Well anyway, the thing you have to know is that tentions were running high for years and it probably

all boiled down to jealously if im honest.  This guy used to be my best friend but over the years we grew apart and he has since

went on to go out places without me etc.  Some best friend friend eh!.  He had been boasting at how many women he had been with

to me and how he had used them.  See what you need to know is that im a romantic person and i cant stand to see women hurt in

this way.  So been the person that I am I said to myself right ive had enough, i cant let you do this anymore dude!.

Especially to people i care about.


I forgot to mention as well this old mate had a girlfriend which is the best part.  See i always knew she liked me and she always

flirted at me but i never let anthing happen between us.  So it came to me this is what im going to do. Im going to suduce his girlfriend

and put it out there with photos that I have been with her and humiliate him.  Oh how this revenge is going to be sweet.


I should at this point mention that the person in the first paragraph I first talked about was his sister.  Oh yes thats right, not only

his sister but then his girlfriend.  That would have to be the greatest revenge of all time surely.  What you can think of better?  Lets hear it!

Thats right I thought not!


So i regulary see her out walking round the local park, now and again i run into her.  It happens that I know exactly when she goes here!

Yes thats right!.  So I met her the other night while I was out walking my dog.  I strike up a conversation and there was always this spark

between us.  So i made my move, i moved in too kiss here and she moved in towards me and the next thing well you can guess.  I somehow ended

up back at her flat.  The night was passionate im not going to lie and just as i had planned i took a few photos with my iphone.  I was happy

for her to drift off too sleep and I let myself out the back door.  Sneeking out quietly with a massive smile on my face obviously.  What you wouldnt!.

It was now time for the revenge bit, as if that wasent it you say.  Well to absolute get my revenge im going to go onto social media and put on record

what i have done. Ah yes it shall be good.  Many a picture I have taken, incrementing ones as well but these ones, well these are the best yet.

So what was my mates reaction to all this, well thats for you to imagine!







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