A Lucid Affair

Danielle began to smoulder with desire.  Shivers ran down her spine althewhile beads of sweat began to trickle down her forehead.  This was completely new territory.  A part of her knew she would be upsetting a lot of people and a part of her was in denial.  She went back and forth in her head for weeks what she wanted to do but the urge was too strong.

Christine’s bedroom contained a massive four coaster bed that gave you the sense others had used it before.  After the drunken night they had at the local club, Christine lured Danielle back to hers.  Knowing how vulnerable she was she didn’t think twice.  It was a warm cosy setting and Danielle began to feel the heat rise.  They weren’t just two minutes in the door when Danielle leaned in.

“Kiss Me, I want you so bad” She yearned.  As her underwear became more vibrant tingling with excitement.

Christine Didn’t Hesitate “I thought you’d never ask”.

They both began to touch each other all over and explore each other’s bodies.  Danielle and Christine both fell into each other’s arms onto the bed.  Wrapped in romanticism the two of them made love for hours to levels that Danielle didn’t know even existed.  She writhed in ecstasy as her body experienced sensations she never knew existed.  Christine taught Danielle things that a man could never do or know about a woman.  She never had experienced a more intense orgasm and for the first time in her life her body had experienced how to squirt.  The two that night became scissor sisters and Danielle fell asleep in Christine’s arms.  She had experienced a warm fussy feeling that could only exist with another woman.

When Danielle woke she had a large smile on her face.  She had such a warm feeling and wanted this to last a lifetime.  She had never had a wonderful night’s sleep in all her days.  Christine had to go to work early and rushed the two of them out the door.  They exchanged numbers and Christine said she would be in contact.

Danielle walked out the door on cloud nine.  But this was not to last.  She tried to get in contact with Christine but there was no answer.  Christine completely blanked her.  She tried texting, she tried phoning, she tried going around to her house and she tried going to her work.  But nothing.  She was heartbroken.

In desperation she called her ex-boyfriend Ryan.  She had been with him for seven years, they knew each other inside out and used to be best friends.  He invited her over too his flat and within the hour they had made love like they used too.  But Ryan no matter how much he tried could never bring Danielle to climax.  Danielle yearned for more but couldn’t bring herself to tell him.  Her heart was torn; she didn’t know herself what sexuality she was.

Dazed and confused she ran out of his apartment and ran around to Christine’s for a last gasp attempt.  Christine opened the door and smiled.  Danielle fell into her arms.  She knew this was what she wanted and she was so happy her love was rescinded.  




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